A Very Dirty Dog!

On 3rd July 2015
A Very Dirty Dog!

We came back to Coombe Farm last night, and brought my mum along to have a look at the shop.

She hasn’t been since they had first gutted the building and dug out the floor. She was very impressed with how it was looking now. There has been a lot of work done since she was here last.  As it was such a lovely evening we went for a walk around the site. We brought our spaniel Tilly with us who more than enjoyed the ponds! There are a lot of ponds and fields on the site, so Tilly had a marvellous time. I ended up having a dirty, smelly dog on my lap going home.

This morning we typed up a charges sheet for the cost of our cartridges. I put our price lists in order, we have accumulated rather a lot of catalogues and lists, so I have endeavoured to put these into some sort of order.   

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